A PenDrive, or a USB flash drive, is a portable data storage device. PenDrive have replaced the floppy drives of old. It have become the most popular data-storage devices among consumer. Students, professionals, academicians and independent tech consultants can easily carry PenDrive anywhere. pen drives with storage capacities ranging from 8GB and 32GB are currently available. Graphics-heavy documents, photos, music files, and video clips can be stored in it.

Transfer Files

A pen drive plugged into a USB port can be used as an interfacing device to transfer files, documents, and photos to a PC and vice versa.


A pen drive has a lightweight and “micro” characteristics which make it possible to carry it from place to place.

Backup Storage

 Pen drives are now having password encryption features .

Important family information, medical records and photos can be backed up on them.

Transport Data

we can easily transport large files and lectures on a pen drive and access them anywhere.
Independent PC technicians can store utility tools, programs and files on a high-speed 32 GB pen drive and move from site to site.

Promotional Tool

Pen drives are used by many companies as effective tools to promote sales literature and other marketing-communication content.
Pen drives are emblazoned with corporate logos and visual imagery and can be easily disseminated at exhibitions, and conferences.